Thursday, December 1, 2011

Assessing Your Year

Most of us will be taking a break for the holidays. This is the perfect time to step away from the constant push of curriculum and slow down with your family.

Time to enjoy, and also to reflect.

I hope you will plan a day within your holiday schedule to spend some time alone. Grab your lesson plans and some hot tea, have a prayer, and see if your year is going the direction you want it to.

Perhaps you need more structure. Maybe now is when you decide to break free from the workbooks.
Each family is different, and each child is different.

Is there a subject everyone {even you} cringes to tackle each day? Does your child smile with excitement over learning something new each day?

Perhaps you might decide you jumped into homeschooling and have committed all of the Five Things Not To Do When You Start Homeschooling sins. {Not you!}

Homeschooling is a living, constantly changing thing. We might not always see what needs to change as we go through the daily routine, but in the calmness of a few hours alone you never know what revelation you might have.

Always be open to change, and make sure your year is everything you hoped it would be. If it isn’t- on with the next!
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