Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beginning Again After a Holiday Break

Eight o'clock at night rang on the chimes, but I was still finishing up the day.  To describe the day as hectic would have been an understatement.  However, the day was not without some positive aspects.  We did finish a day of school.  It was sporadic and patched together, but a day of learning took place and progress was made.  There were very few complaints, and even some laughter. 

It was our first day back to our school routine after a ten day holiday break, and I declared this would not happen again. 

How do you begin again?  After taking some much needed time off for travel, family visits, holiday celebrations, rest, and relaxation, just how do you get back into the smooth homeschool routine you had already established before your break?

At our home, we have tried everything to make it an easy transition.  Some techniques and tips work well for us, other things, not so much.

Three successful suggestions I try to follow in our home are:
  1. Let the children know when the first day back to school lessons / homeschool routine will occur.  Our children like to know ahead of time, when their vacation is over.  Sounds simple, I know, but honestly some breaks I have inadvertently surprised the children with a day of school.  Though it was an honest mistake, it did not go over well. 
  2. Allow the first day back (or the first few) to progress at a slower pace.  There is always a few hiccups in our routine, especially after a long break.  We may not finish every lesson the first day back.  There may even be some lessons we won't get to do that first day as we ease back into the routine.
  3. Be prepared to review some lessons.  It doesn't work for us to jump back into our lessons without some review.  Instead, I allow for some discussion and review of what they have already learned and then proceed to the new lesson. 
These are some of the tips and techniques that work for us, and help ease us back into our homeschool routine.  How about you?  What do you do to ease back into your homeschool routine after an extended break?

Next week:
Join us for A Homeschool Holiday Open House
with encouraging discussions and fun giveaways!

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