Friday, December 16, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- Christmas Break

Today, our panel answers the question, "are you taking a homeschool break this month and, if so, what will you do during your break?"

Since we will be traveling in the beginning of January, we are going to work straight though until the 23rd. Most of our school is Advent themed and fun so the girls are enjoying it!

Our plan is to continue our formal lessons through the end of next week. We will take about ten days off and start school again after the new year. We haven't made any definite plans, except a routine trip to the dentist and a birthday dinner (December birthdays can sometimes be tough!)

We were going to take the week between Christmas and New Year' off, but due to all the stuff we missed while being sick in Oct and Nov, we probably won't. I plan to have short days, though, just focusing on core subjects and Bible verses.

Yes!! We are off starting this Friday! We will still be doing our advent, and our daily memory verses, but taking a break until the 2nd. I will get some deep cleaning done, some blogging commitments, and 6 weeks of lesson planning during this time.

We will be breaking this Friday and spending time with family that we haven't seen in a year or more! I will also be getting things together for our next 6 weeks of lessons and trying to clean and organize while I still feel like moving; I'm heading into the third trimester of my pregnancy!

What are your plans for this months?

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