Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom-Goals

For this week of Seeds of Wisdom-


I set goals, thanks to the 3in30 Challenge!! I find them more effective than resolutions that I generally forget in a few weeks!


I have never set a resolution. Well, maybe once when I was 8 to do better, but that didn't last more than a few minutes... Seriously, I think goals are a fabulous way to plan and motivate, and I have witnessed women accomplishing many amazing things with the help of goals, but I have not set any. That's not to say I have no plan, or my life lacks direction, but setting specific goals doesn't help me. Perhaps I have never learned how to really make and utilize them well.


My husband and I always sit down together and plan our goals at the first of the year. Family goals, physical goals, spiritual goals, and training goals for our children are among the things we discuss. Then together we talk about the steps we will need to make it all happen. It has been one of the most meaningful traditions we have as a family.


Resolutions were a tradition my own family kept as I was growing up. It was a wonderful way of starting fresh with self-improvement in mind. I no longer do 'formal' resolutions as an adult, but I often set goals (more often at the beginning of the school year) and find the key to keeping them is writing them down. Happy New Year!


I regularly set goals for myself, but not necessarily at the beginning of the year. As I see areas where I need to improve, I set personal goals, as well as steps for achieving those goals. Doing so throughout the year helps me from being overwhelmed by numerous new goals every January and challenges me to self-improve year-round.


My husband and I set goals for the year, things we want to accomplish as parents and Christians. I also participate in the 3in30 Challenge, which has made for a year of goal setting. I have enjoyed the constant push to do better, as well as the friends I have made along the way.


Yes, I/we do. My husband and I set down and discuss the past year and then talk about the changes we'd like to make. The typical areas we discuss are children, finances, health, household management and spiritual health.

What goals are you setting for 2012? Do you have any advice to share about goal-setting?

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