Monday, March 19, 2012

It's an Art Party!

The day has finally come and gone. Birthday party extravaganza for the girls was this past Saturday. While we didn't have the expected turnout (mostly due to illness that seems to be floating around), everyone still had a wonderful time.

So, what did we do for an Art Party? Well, art, of course!

The kids enjoyed some bubble painting. I stirred food coloring into large bottles of bubbles (I probably could have done it with smaller ones). They took turns dripping the bubble solution on the papers and blowing bubbles on them. They made some fun looking pictures.

Then they moved onto finger painting. A fellow mom (whose son shared the party with the girls), taped off everyone's name on half sheets of poster board. The kids proceeded to use a hundred colors--give or take--to smear over the entire page. After they dried, we peeled off the tape. The result? Lots of color! White names.

We had a cupcake pinata. No, that doesn't have much to do with art (although people do decorate cupcakes...right?), but the girls have been begging us for one. So...why not?

To add to the "creating art" concept, we had the kids make mini-pizzas. A few toppings choices and they just went to town--big hit. We opened presents and did the cake thing while we waited. Big surprise--no one wanted the mini-pizzas afterwards. That's ok...hubby and I ate them afterward. lol...

Speaking of cakes...I was originally going to make a six layer rainbow cake. However, given the amount of people that were coming (and how TALL of a cake that would be), I decided to do three two layer cakes since we had three kids celebrating birthdays.

Over all, the party was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. After the guests had gone home, Alana continued to enjoy the balloons until I made her sit down to watch a cartoon before bed. Then she all but passed out. Sleepy heads are a good sign of time well spent.

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