Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Ways To Welcome Spring to Your Homeschool

Spring fever is here! Embrace the opportunity you have with the flexibility of homeschool and enjoy the changing season. These are five suggestions for simple ways to incorporate welcoming spring into your routine.

1. Get outside! Do your reading sitting on the porch. Take chalk to the park and do some math on the sidewalk. Encourage children old enough to work on their own to take their materials out of doors to complete their assignments.

2. Plant a seed! Whether you scoop some dirt into a pot or let your children trowel up some flower bed throwing off it's winter sleep, let them try their hand at growing something. It is extra special if children choose their own seeds and do all the work themselves. This past week, without my even knowing, my third grader planted three rows of peas and twelve seed potatoes while I was working with his little sister on school.

3. Take a nature walk! Gather up some small storage containers for samples, carry a small backpack with drinking water and sketch books. Find a place for an unhurried, schedule-less walk and encourage your little ones to touch, feel, and save samples (in ways that are respectful to mother nature!). Find a warm, comfortable spot to sit and help them draw something they see.

4. Eat something fresh! Most of the farmer's markets in our area haven't begun yet, but a trip to the store can help you teach your children about seasonal shopping, the benefits to your health and the earth's that comes by way of eating fresh foods, and a tasty treat! Spinach, radishes, and green onions would make a wonderful salad or dipping tray.

5. Watch for and talk about signs of new life! At our farm, the chickens are laying eggs now, the mama cows are birthing their little calves, the bulbs have shot up their first greens, the wheat is thickening. Point out these things to your children as you are going about your daily lives and enjoy the renewal that spring can give your spirit and home. Open your windows and let spring into your homeschool!

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