Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Enough Time

 Often, it strikes me that there is just not enough time.  I have only 18 years to teach my girls everything that they need to know before heading out into the world.  Only 18 years.  That used to sound like a long time, but not anymore.  Now, 18 years sounds so short.  How can I ever teach them everything they need to know in just 18 years?  There is not enough time!  I want my girls to have hearts for God's work.  I want them to reach their full academic potential.  I want them to be creative, dedicated, motivated, and independent.  I want them to have the opportunity to explore their own interests and talents.  I want them to have active social lives with other children their ages.  I want them to be prepared to be wives and mothers.  I want them to grow up to be the women they were created to be.  How can 18 years possibly be enough time to prepare them for all of that?  

Every day, I struggle with what is the most important way to spend our day.  How much time should be dedicated to academics?  In what sports and extracurricular activities should we participate?  Are they getting enough free play time (or too much)?   

After almost two years of homeschooling preschool, I am still struggling with the issue of not having enough time and I don't think the problem will ever go away.  However, I am starting to realize that we can't do it all and am becoming better at making the choices over how to best utilize our time.  There will never be enough time for everything that I want to teach, but there will be enough time to prepare my girls to become amazing women.

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