Monday, September 5, 2011

My Favorite Planner (and the WINNERS!)

I have just found my new favorite planner!

The Well Planned Day Yearly Calendar is perfect for a homeschooling parent trying to keep it all together. By all, I mean: homeschool, menu, shopping list, appointments, budgets, even reading lists, goals, and inspirational articles. Yes, it also has a holiday organizer!

Seriously, this is my new best friend!

I also bought the binder they provide to put the calendar in. The binder is big enough to keep my entire household management system in (i.e. my Flylady cleaning schedules, medical stuff, blog/writing/editing schedules). I mean, this thing is Ralene in a Binder. Or Ralene's Brain on Paper. Or...well, you get the picture.

If you haven't had a chance to explore the wonderful products that Home Educating Family Publishing have to offer, check out their website. In addition to planners for homeschooling parents, they have student planners (esp for high school), binders, and a magazine!

I've been looking for a way to keep it ALL together. I think I've finally found it. Now if I could just keep it in one spot. Where'd it go now?

This is Ralene, the spaz-brained, homeschooling mama signing out for now!

Oh wait!

A huge thank you to all the ladies that joined us in a fabulous party last week. We had a blast sharing with you and seeing what you all had to say.


The winner of Story of the World Vol. 2 from Sam is: BETHERINA

The winner of a $30 Amazon Gift Certificate from Ralene is: SARA

The winner of an ebook from Kerry Beck is: NELLIE BAGGETT

The winner of a free download from A Journey Through Learning is: MIRIAM


Please send an email to raleneburke [at] yahoo [dot] com with either your email or your physical address (depending on what you won).

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