Friday, September 30, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- What Our Children Like

This week, we answer the question:  "What do your children like about being homeschooled?"

In Sophie's words "I like school because I can play with my trains and make roads with letters and paint." She really likes to paint!!

When I asked my children, they responded with "no homework, spending time at home;" "spending time with our family;" "Mommy is my teacher;" and "learning new things when I want to."
Of course, the child who said such nice things about her teacher got a larger dessert helping after dinner... :-)

Abigail says "I like coloring and Starfall and books."  

Not having to rush around in the morning, eating good food instead if nasty cafeteria, getting to cuddle up on the couch to read, and impromptu days off when we just don't feel like it!

What do your children like about being homeschooled?
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