Monday, September 26, 2011

My Reason for Homeschooling Daily

Last week, we had a very crazy week.  I got up on Monday morning with a very long to-do list; I really wanted to take the week off from school and just focus on other things.  And I almost did.  Then, I looked at my girls and remembered my goals for them.  In order to help them become the people that God intends for them to be, I must make them a priority.  They are the reason that I left my career and chose to become a stay-at-home mom.  The laundry, vacuuming, dissertation work, etc. are all part of my job, but my primary job is raising my girls.  So, I put my to-do list down and we did preschool.  And, as soon as we got started on our work, I was glad that we did.  Abigail made some amazing mental connections that morning; she learned the basics of addition!  If I had chosen to take a day off, that might not have happened.  While I do think that children and parents do need occasional breaks from school, I was reminded of the importance of planning the breaks and not succumbing to the desire to skip homeschooling.  I can always find a reason to take a day off from teaching my girls, but I am now focusing instead on the reason to homeschool every day.

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