Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I've Learned so far.....

 The Top Ten Homeschooling Things That I've Learned {so far}...

10. Never leave a 3.5 year old alone with open glue.  Ever.

9.   I don't have to teach the alphabet from A to Z.

8.   Going to a play date is a perfect opportunity for gym class.

7.   Follow your child's interests.

6.   Whatever space you cover for finger painting...double it.

5.   Giving a 23 month old crayons and a coloring book does not guarantee that she will color inside the book.

4.   Mud, sand, and water can provide hours of school fun.

3.   Stick to a schedule.

2.   Play dough and carpet are not a good combination.  At all.

1.   A Day out with Thomas was a fantastic field trip on trains, switches and tracks.  And, my daughter knew more about switches than I did!

What would YOUR top ten list be?
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